Little Growers provides horticultural equipment, advice and support to schools across the UK,
encouraging children and communities to grow, learn and work together for a healthier and greener future.

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Downing Street Meeting with Gordon Brown

Downing Street Meeting with Gordon BrownOn the 7th July 2009 I was invited by the PM to attend 10 Downing Street.

The invitation along with a hand full of selected businesses around the UK was to discuss issues on how the government & the UKTI could help companies like AutoPot distribute their products around the globe.

Downing Street Meeting with Gordon BrownI managed to say my piece and the evening was a great success. Due to the water saving issues that our products have to offer we have made contacts with some very important people & businesses that are looking at the AutoPot technology for dry regions & 3rd world countries and viewing this as potentially a concept that could well address many issues faced with plant irrigation in these areas. Little Growers was also discussed and the concept we can offer in schools while using the AutoPot technology. This unique scheme raised a few eyebrows with Lord Mandelson & Lord Davies showing a great interest.


Downing Street Meeting with Gordon Brown


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