Little Growers provides horticultural equipment, advice and support to schools across the UK,
encouraging children and communities to grow, learn and work together for a healthier and greener future.

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Little Growers reaches South Africa
Little Growers reaches South Africa

The Little Growers concept has now been adopted in Soweto which is the biggest township area in South Africa. Pumellela Training center for the Handicapped, is the base for the new growing and gardening project in Soweto. The children are aged from 6 - 21 and there are approximately 800 pupils.  The launch day for the Little Growers project was on the 23rd September which was National planting day.  Soweto TV and the Sowetan newspaper were present and documented the opening of the project.  As the photographs show the project is off to a great start, with the team over in Soweto showing bundles of motivation and hands on involvement.

Little Growers reaches South AfricaLittle Growers reaches South Africa


We will be keeping you up to date on their progress via the website and newsletter.


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