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Connaught’s Pumpkin Competition


Market Stall


We have been excited in the Little Growers office for some time about Connaught’s Pumpkins, they are the largest specimens we have ever seen and exceeded all our expectations! When the children planted them several months back we never thought the result would be the giants that we harvested at the start of October! As you can see from the photographs Connaught had a bumper crop. In partnership with the school we ran a Halloween Pumpkin competition where all the children designed their own pumpkin faces. One winner from each year group was chosen, they then carved their design into their own mammoth pumpkin with the help of the Little Growers staff. As you can see the competition winners’ designs are absolutely brilliant!



Market Stall



The finished pumpkins were then awarded to the students in assembly and they won their own pumpkin seeds to plant at home. It was a great event for all involved, I think the adults enjoyed it just as much as the children! It was a great way for the children to be involved not only from seed to harvest, but then to also generate excitement around their produce by running the competition.



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