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Crawley Ridge Junior School
Crawley Ridge Junior School
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    The results of all our hard work!
    photos 2547 days ago
  • We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the Ec0-Schools Silver Award! We are very proud of all the children, staff, governors and parents whose hard work and dedication has enabled us to achieve this award.

    myblog 2547 days ago
  • On Saturday 20th October 2012 we held another a successful Get Growing Day! There were lots of jobs to do to make sure the growing areas were ready for the winter. The growing beds were cleared and then replanted with winter lettuce, onions, savoy cabbage, peas and broad beans. The wildflower bank was planted with daffodils, grape hyacinth and tulips and will hopefully form a river of colour next spring!

    We were lucky to receive a visit from Telereal Trillium who came in as a large group to carry out grounds clearance for the day. They did a fabulous job clearing away thistles, dead branches and overgrown plants, leaving the grounds looking fantastic!

    myblog 2547 days ago
  • Following a rather awkward summer of weather, we returned in September to find the eight-ball courgettes had gone crazy! We have been using them to make ratatouille during environmental club and had them in our school dinners. We have also managed to harvest some runner beans which have also been used in the school dinners. Our pumpkins grew very well and we used 6 of them as part of a harvest raffle to raise money for Oxfam. We sold tickets to win the pumpkins and raised £127!!

    myblog 2592 days ago
  • This year in environmental club we have learnt how to make Leek and Potato soup, blueberry muffins and smoothies. This year we have also experienced some very harsh weather and the hosepipe ban so we have really struggled to grow our fruit and veg. Luckily when we had our get growing days the weather stayed nice and dry and we got a lot done. All of the food that we grew this year was made into our tasty hot dinners. This year we have had a lot of success and I have had a lot of fun.


    In Environmental club we grew potatoes, tomatoes, leeks, cabbages, onions, garlic and chillies. With the leeks and potatoes we made leek and potato soup. In the last week of Environmental Club we got given a garlic or an onion to take home and make a meal with. Once we had made a meal with the food we were given, we had to take a photo and bring it back to Environmental Club. We also made blueberry muffins and smoothies. The idea was that we would make some food that we have grown in the school grounds but the food didn’t grow properly as the weather was really wet and soggy. The point of Environmental club is to learn about growing different types of vegetables and fruit and how we make


    Welcome to my blog and last week in environmental club we planted some potatoes. We also had a butterfly box in each classroom. Year 3P’s butterflies have all grown so we had to set them free. Year 4r’s butterflies have not grown so we are all waiting for our butterflies to grow. At environmental club we also have done some cooking, we cook with the vegetables from our school grounds.


    In Environmental club we grew beans and made smoothies and got to use all the different fruit we had grown. We dug up garlic and onions and we were all given a piece and cooked some food with it. We also planted blueberries.  


    In environmental club this year we have been planting all sorts of plants, e.g. potatoes, carrots, tomatoes and all sorts of other fruit and vegetables. We also did some cooking, here are some of the things we cooked: leek and potato soup, blueberry muffins and fruit smoothies. Some of us chose to go along to badger watch, this was a chance to see wildlife in our school, we saw no badgers but we saw deer, mice, an owl and lots of foxes (1 adult and 2 fox cubs). As well as planting fruit and vegetables we have also been planting a range of different flowers throughout the school grounds.


    myblog 2683 days ago

    During Environmental club today we wrote blogs about all the things we have gotten up to this year. Please read on!


    Personally one of my favourite things in eco club is cookery. We have already baked Blueberry Muffins, Vegetable soup and Smoothies. The whole idea is to cook from the things that we have grown. Unfortunately our blueberries weren’t big enough to put in the muffins so we had to buy them. We also did not use our own things to put in the smoothies but in the soup they were our own vegetables. Just last week we were given a garlic or a onion to cook at home and tell eco club what we made so we could get some ideas for cookery.


    Well we grow things like turnips, onions, runner beans, strawberries, beetroot, blueberries, potatoes, salad leaves, tomatoes, courgettes and carrots.  We also do cookery where we learn how to cook with the things we have grown. I enjoy environmental club because we do cookery and growing.


    Hi everyone, 

    At enviromental club we have been growing food including tomatoes, leeks, plants for our new cookery club. We also had a really fun time doing activities and using bambo kanes tohelp grow plants. The whole idea of cookery club is to learn to grow, cook and eat. And also in cookery club we have chosen our fruit then chosen our juice then blended it to make a lovely fruit smoothie. We have also made in cookery club blueberry muffins and leek and potato soup.

    myblog 2683 days ago

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