Little Growers News – 2007

November 2007 - The Little Growers Project begins to evolve...


Little Growers Update
The concept of “Little Growers”, encouraging children to grow in school, was only launched little over six weeks ago at the end of September 2007. During this time AutoPot has been inundated with interest from schools all around the UK, who would like to take part in our 2008 offer of supplying five schools

with “all they need to grow”. Due to the unprecedented interest we intend to take the concept of Little Growers a step further. Our intension during 2008 and in preparation for 2009 is to turn the concept into a non-profitable charity.

Little Growers will be aiming to gain grants from the lottery fund, corporate sponsorship and multi national corporations, such as Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, and Tesco’s.

We will also attempt to have the concept endorsed by personalities in the areas of horticulture and food. Any help from any person or business would be much appreciated, even if it’s just a contact, or email address. In an ideal world the support from a large multi national and Jamie Oliver would help the concept no end.

Once the Little Growers Charity is formed and funds are available, all the schools around the United Kingdom will be able to access this funding, enabling each school to purchase watering systems and polytunnels/greenhouses so that the children can learn about where their food comes from and how fun it can be.

It’s frightening to learn that within inner city areas of the UK many children do not associate a carrot stick with a carrot grown in the ground.
Please help Little Growers change how our children understand food & how it grows, the more help & support we receive the more our children will benefit.
September 2007 - Launch of The Little Growers Project...

During the coming months and in preparation for spring 2008. AutoPot will be contacting schools of all ages throughout the UK . In the New Year five schools around the country will be selected to receive AutoPot watering products, greenhouses/poly tunnels, soils, liquid feed & plants. The purpose is to try and educate children in how plants grow and where their food comes from. Jamie Oliver has made the effort to feed children more healthily, however we would like to provide the opportunity of growing the food they eat. The food produced can then be used at school or taken home to eat. If anyone has children at school and would like their school to be considered for this fantastic opportunity please ask the school to contact us at or kindly forward an email contact for the school.