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Little Growers recently met with Hydroponics4Life, a horticultural charity that works with schools both in the UK and internationally. The aim of hydroponics4life is to link individuals, schools and organisations with projects in the developing world. By sharing and developing the techniques and advances in science we can make a difference where it is most needed. Hydroponics4Life are proud of the world’s first mobile aquaponic bioshelter. The Hydroponics4life tour bus will be rolling again this month, visiting local schools youth clubs and allotment groups. Here is a brief overview of what ‘Hydroponics’ is and why it has the potential to be an innovative and educational solution to growing in a variety of scenarios:

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Conventionally grown plants extract water nutrients and oxygen from soil, but because of the physical characteristics of soil it is likely that one or all of these essential nutrients are of limited availability to the plant roots. When plants are grown in water i.e. hydroponically, the system if set-up correctly provides the plants access to an unlimited supply of water, containing exactly the right amount of nutrients along with a perfectly balanced pH. Enabling a grower to keep their plants growth at a much more vigorous rate throughout the crop and achieve maximum yield.

To find out more about their great work and get involved please visit their website.

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