Downing Street Meeting with Gordon Brown

On the 7th July 2009 I was invited by the PM to attend 10 Downing Street. The invitation along with a hand full of selected businesses around the UK was to discuss issues on how the government & the UKTI could help companies like AutoPot distribute their products around the globe. I managed to say my piece and the evening was a …

The Allotment Association Partnership

Little Growers is pleased to announce working in partnership with the Allotment Association to recruit volunteers for our community horticulture networks. By working together we hope to establish a nationwide volunteer network, which would provide the schools with hands on help from enthusiastic and knowledgeable gardeners.

Growing Schools and FACE Partnership

Little Growers are now working with the Government’s Growing Schools programme and the Farming and Countryside Education charity (FACE) to roll out Little Growers across the country. With their help we hope to expand our projects in schools across the UK. We are extremely excited about this partnership and working with organisations who champion our cause.Related Links: |

RHS Case Study

Little Growers recently featured on the RHS website in their case studies section.  The profile featured is one of our extremely proactive schools, Ysygol Gogarth in Conwy, Wales.  Jon Goodwin, the project co-ordinator is extremely proactive and has achieved great results at the school since Little Growers began working with them in 2007?  The school has a wide spectrum of …