Local Little Growers Schools continue to bloom!

As you can see from the photographs our four local schools near to the Little Growers office continue to do extremely well. Although it’s the summer holidays, Little Growers staff and teachers have regularly visited the plots to ensure everything is coming along well ready for the stall and to harvest the tasty crops! The AutoPot irrigation systems we install in all our schools water and feed the crops all summer long, so that we just have to harvest, tidy up and keep the plants in tip top condition. Crawley Ridge’s Purple Sprouting Brocolli is some of the best we have ever seen, Connaught’s pumpkins are enormous already so we are extremely excited about harvesting them in the coming weeks and Hurst Lodge’s cabbages have exceeded all our expectations not only are they tasty but huge too!

At the end of the summer term we received some lovely cards and thank yous from the students we have worked with this year. As you can see not only have they gained green fingers this school year but they clearly have a flare for drawing too! It was a brilliant end of term for us to receive these and to round off their school year by harvesting an array of crops for them to take home to enjoy with their families. Little Growers would like to say a huge well done to our four local schools who have achieved great results in this year’s pilot scheme, from 54ft polytunnels to many square metres of raised beds irrigated by AQUAbox Spyders they have taken to their new ventures really well and we have learnt a great deal to make the projects, bigger, better and more successful for the new school year in September!

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