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Tozer Seeds is the largest independent vegetable breeding company in the UK. They have offices all over the world but Little Growers were extremely keen to get them on board with our local pilot as they are just up the road from our offices. This means we are lucky enough to gain their vast international experience and long standing knowledge whilst working with a local company. One of Little Growers key mottos is for local to sustain local so that our projects can be intrinsic to their local communities, by utilising donations from local businesses and supplying produce to residents.

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For over 70 years, Tozer Seeds has built a reputation for breeding quality vegetable varieties; the independent, family owned status of Tozer Seeds allows the company to be responsive to the ever changing requirements of growers. Much emphasis is placed on breeding products with consistent performance, Tozer conduct extensive trials both at their own nurseries and with commercial growers worldwide.

Tozer Seeds kindly donated a huge quantity of seeds to our local schools, we would like to say a huge thank you to David Rogers for sending us winter seed packs with everything from chard to rhubarb and spinach. Tozer have been extremely generous and provided enough seed for our local schools all year, thank you to David and the team for sustaining a local horticultural project in their area.

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